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Technical Guides Please note that these guides are produced by optical companies. While full of useful information, they also are somewhat biased in favor of their own products.

A Guide to Understanding Color Communication, X-Rite.
Colour Space Conversions. A. Ford and A. Roberts, 1998.
Discrepancies Associated with Using UVA and UVB Meters to Measure Output of Sunlight, Solar Simulators, etc. Optronic Laboratories, 1991.
Errors in Spectroradiometric Measurements Using Multi-channel Detectors. Optronic Laboratories, 1994.
Frequently Asked Questions About Color. C. Poynton, 1999.
Frequently Asked Questions About Gamma. C. Poynton, 1999.
Improving Integrated Sphere Design for Near-perfect Cosine Response. Optronic Laboratories, 1995.
Slit and Aperture Selection in Spectroradiometry. Optronic Laboratories, 1995.
Spectroradiometry Methods. Optronic Laboratories, 1998.
The Color Guide and Glossary. X-Rite.
The Measurement of Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Problems and Solutions. Optronic Laboratories, 1990.


Numerical recipes in C
Database of color information
Calculation of various daylight spectra
Spectra of CIE color matching functions and illuminants
Database of information about ultraviolet photography
Database of sensor technology
Database of radiative transfer software packages
Database of light scattering software packages

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