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Visual Ecology and Ocean Optics Labs

Steven Bassnett Cellular basis of transparency and accommodation
Richard Borowsky Development and genetics of eyes in cave fish
James Bowmaker Evolution and ecology of vision; photosensitive pigments in vertebrates
Adriana Briscoe Molecular evolution of visual pigments
Howard Browman Visual ecology of pelagic fish
Edward Buskey Photoreception and bioluminescence roles in zooplankton ecology
Karen Carleton Evolution of visual pigment expression
Belinda Chang
Reconstruction of ancestral visual pigments
Carol Cicerone Visual perception, human color vision
Tom Cronin Polarization vision, stomatopod vision
Molly Cummings Visual ecology, visual behavior, and evolution of visual signals in marine and freshwater fishes
Innes Cuthill Avian color and UV vision
Ron Douglas Retinal anatomy, visual pigments and
Michael D'Zmura Color vision, visual perception
John Endler Evolution under countervailing pressures from predation and conspecific signaling
Alan Fein Molecular basis of visual excitation and adaptation
Richard Forward Visual ecology and vertical migration of estuarine crustaceans
Tammy Frank Vision in deep-sea crustaceans, vertical migration
Ted Gaten Crustacean visual systems
Steve Haddock Bioluminescence and gelatinous zooplankton
Craig Hawryshyn Ultraviolet and polarization vision in salmonids
Peter Herring Color and bioluminescence in planktonic species
Bill Jeffery Eye development
Sönke Johnsen Vision, crypsis, optics, organismal transparency, and pelagic bioluminescence
Mike Land Eye design
Simon Laughlin Visual ecology, low light vision, motion information processing
Ellis Loew UV vision
George Losey UV vision in coral reef fish
Larry Madin Gelatinous zooplankton, optical sampling techniques
Justin Marshall Color vision, ultraviolet vision
Curtis Mobley Optical oceanography and radiative transfer theory; Hydrolight
Marianne Moore Light pollution and vertical migration
Victor Benno
Eye design, ultrastructure, and functional anatomy; UV radiation
Ocean Optics Remote sensing, optical measurement, radiative transfer theory
Todd Oakley Evolution of compound eyes
Andrew Parker Structural color
Julian Partridge Visual pigments in birds and deep-sea fish
Joram Piatigorsky Lens crystallins
Mason Posner Lens crystallins
Richard Prum Evolution and biophysics of bird feather coloration
Gil Rosenthal Visual ecology and communication in fish
Nadav Shashar Polarization vision in cephalopods
Peter Shelton Invertebrate visual systems
Heidi Sosik Ocean optics, phytoplankton ecology
Daniel Tranchina Neural encoding of visual information
Eric Warrant, Almut Kelber, Ronald Kröger, Marie Dacke, Emily Baird, Dan-Eric Nilsson Eye design, nocturnal vision, color vision
Rudiger Wehner, Thomas Labhart Polarization vision and navigation in insects
Edith Widder Bioluminescence, low-light measurement techniques
Johannes Zanker Mechanisms of visual information processing in insects
Jochen Zeil Visual ecology and polarization vision
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