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Equipment Manufacturers


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Equipment Manufacturers

Amrel Field laptop computers
Biospherical Instruments Submersible ultraviolet spectroradiometers
Electrophysics Low-cost ultraviolet lenses
Hamamatsu High-quality video cameras and photomultipliers
Iatia Quantitative phase contrast technology
Interelectric Fluorescent bulbs of various spectra
Labsphere Integrating spheres and reflectance standards
Ocean Optics Fiber optic spectrometers and accessories
Optronic Laboratories High quality spectroradiometers

Oriel, Melles Griot, Newport, Edmund Optics, Coherent

Optics supply houses
Remcom Electromagnetic modeling software packages
Satlantic Submersible spectroradiometers
Sequoia Scientific Radiative transfer software
WET Labs Submersible transmissometers
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