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Undergraduates (past and present)


Teresa Gross

Project: Camouflage in Octopus bimaculoides

Now: Emory University Medical School


Becca Fink

Project: the burglar alarm hypothesis in bioluminescent dinoflagellates

Now: Environmental consultant in Cambridge, MA


Lauren Cooke

Project: The physical properties and zooplankton community in Eno Quarry

Now: Consultant for Epic Systems


Nikos Lessios

Project: Can ophiuroids see color?

Now: Graduate school at the University of Arizona


Divya Yerramilli

Project: Spatial vision in the echinoid Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
Now: University of Pennsylvania Medical School


Erin Blevins

Project: Are sea urchins giant compound eyes?

Now: PhD student in the Lauder Lab at Harvard University, where she studies batoid biomechanics.


John Tuthill

Project: Can crayfish detect the polarization of light?

Now: Neurobiology graduate school at the University of Chicago and Janiela Farm

Dahl Clark Winters

Project: The color of the night sky

Now at: PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Christopher Martin

Project: Do the colors of guppies indicate parasite resistance? (note guppy in dive mask).

Now: PhD student with Peter Wainwright at UC-Davis



Cirse Gonzalez

Project: does bioluminescence affect the growth rate of dinoflagellates?

Now: entering the Masters of Marine Affairs program at the University of Washington



Sarah Fann

Project: Can sea urchins see in color?

Now: Undergraduate at UNC Wilmington



Emily Pearse

Project: do fiddler crabs care about the colors of their claws?

Now: finishing up a second year of medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine and
spending summers at an orphanage in Haiti.



Danielle Corneille

Project: does the bioluminescence of brittlestars protect them from predation?



Shu Ying Kwan







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